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Maintain a beautiful, lush and professionally manicured, lawn year round with our treatment services.


Spring is that time of the year when the lawn is actively growing and, as a result, has high feeding and fertilization needs. Not only is it important to mow the lawn regularly in the spring season, but one should also look out for the signs of any lawn disease or insect damage. Spring treatment plans cater to all these needs with a wide array of lawncare services which include:

·        Monitoring of lawn diseases, insects, and pests

·        Application of lawn pest treatment to control and kill insects

·        Application of fertilizer to boost lawn growth over the warmer months of the year

·        Application of nutrients to bring lawn out of its winter’s dormant phase


The summer season brings the glorious warmer days when everyone wants to spend hours in their lawn enjoying different outdoor activities with their family. However, this is also the time when the lawn is most likely to look dry and barren if proper fertilization and moisture control techniques are not used. Summer treatment plan helps you avoid this by providing you the following services:

·        Application of soil moisture retainers to make the lawn look healthy and green

·        Control of summer weed infestations to prevent various lawn diseases

·        Application of slow release nitrogen to ensure uniform growth rate throughout the season


The autumn treatment plan is designed to prepare a lawn for the dryer months of the year. The plan focuses on improving the root strength so that the lawn does not look patchy and dry in the colder months of the year. Following services are included in an autumn plan:

·        Weed control treatment

·        Application of soil conditioners to improve root strength and soil structure

·        Lawn insects and pest control

·        Soil amendments and PH control


Winter is the time when people spend the least amount of time in their lawn and, as a result, are unlikely to think about lawn care. However, it is important to keep up with lawncare even in winters to ensure a beautiful, lush green lawn in other seasons of the year. Charter Vista Landscaping winter treatment plan includes the following services:

·        Application of fertilizers to improve lawn’s lushness in the colder months

·        Control of weeds that may germinate in winters

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